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World Maths day

World Maths Day  - Thursday 15th October 2020


Dear Parents,


We would like to inform you of our exciting plans to celebrate World Maths Day which will be on Thursday 15th October 2020. With lots of recent changes, events being cancelled and disruption aplenty we want to kick start this school year with a celebration of our love of Maths! World Maths Day is a wonderful opportunity to revitalise children’s passion for Maths and to celebrate a love of learning at Wincham. 


We would greatly appreciate your support in order to help the children at Wincham to have a fun and inspiring day based on Maths. We are inviting all the children to dress up in a Maths inspired outfit for school on World Maths Day. To help you and your child to prepare for this the homework that your class teacher will set on Friday 9th October will be to prepare and organise this outfit.


As mentioned, more information will be given out as part of your child’s Maths homework but for any forward planners that would like some outfit inspiration, your child could dress up as a specific number (preferably not a football shirt) or Maths concept. For example, they could be the number 8 or transform themselves into a doubling machine! Your child’s outfit could be linked to a profession or an individual that uses Maths as part of their everyday life, for example an astronaut, a teacher or even Albert Einstein! To bring the magic of Maths alive in the classroom we ask that whatever your child chooses to dress up as they have some mathematical knowledge based on their outfit that they can share with their class. If your child has chosen to be a doubling machine then they need to be able share some doubling facts with their peers. Once again, to put your mind at rest, please note that your child’s class teacher will provide more information and support as part of the homework set on Friday 9th October to make this as easy and stress free as possible. 


As always, thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Crawford and Mr Garner


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