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Owls - Reception 2021 - 2022

Mrs Webb

If you wish to get in touch with your child’s class teacher to discuss your child’s learning or access technical support in any other way (lost passwords etc), each class has an email address which will be monitored during the school closure. 

Where teachers are working in school, they will check these email addresses briefly before school so they can deal with any issues you may wish to share with them.  However, the teachers won’t have time to reply to emails before school.  Teachers will reply to emails if necessary, but in most cases will address the issue directly wherever possible but then may not get back to you.  If feedback is necessary, a member of the team will be in touch.


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KS1 Creative Storytelling, by Mrs Woodward

KS1 Creative Storytelling, by Mrs Woodward

KS1 & Nursery Sports Day, by Mrs Woodward

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